Episode 27 w/ Kung Fu Factory

On Episode 027 of Scatter Podcast, I am very excited to be back for 2020 and introduce the new Scatter Podcast co-host, Joel Dayrit. Joel is an Associate Data Analyst at Kung Fu Factory, an independent gaming developer of popular mobile games based in Los Angeles, CA. At Kung Fu Factory, Joel analyzes everything from player activity to in-game data, looking for insights into behavior and finding opportunities to capitalize on creating engagement and giving users an improved experience.

Joel is one of the smartest people that I’ve collaborated with and he pivoted his career to data science after 14 years with Symbol Sciences, a Philippines based hardware and solutions provider for automatic identification and data collection systems. Joel’s analytics tools of choice include the R programming language and Excel. Aside from analytics, Joel enjoys photography, robotics, and LEGOs.

Welcome, Joel, to the Scatter Podcast team!


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