Episode 26 w/ RStudio

On Episode 026 of Scatter Podcast, I interviewed guest Jonathan Regenstein, Director of Financial Services at RStudio. Having spent several years at J.P. Morgan where he worked alongside quantitative analysts and researchers, Jonathan turned from Excel to R for more robust reporting, visualizations, and reproducibility of financial models. After joining RStudio, he continued to develop his R programming skills and eventually authored “Reproducible Finance with R - Code Flows and Shiny Apps for Portfolio Analysis.”

For anyone interested in careers at the intersection of Finance and Data Science, or anyone interested in learning more about R, this episode is certainly a treat. We cover a lot popular packages, programming best practices, and upcoming tools that will enhance your modeling work flows. He offers a ton of valuable insights, be sure to follow him on LinkedIn and/or Twitter, and enjoy the show!


Extended Show Notes:

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