Episode 19 w/ Amazon

On Episode 019 of Scatter Podcast, I discuss data science at Amazon with John Peach, Sr. Data Scientist. John has an extensive data science background ranging from academia, to early-stage startups, to large data drive organizations such as Amazon. His team helps to improve and expand the capabilities of Alexa Skills (third party applications).

John actively participates in his local data science community, he is one of the leaders of the Orange County R Users Group (“OCRUG”), and he frequently speaks at data science conferences around the world. He shares advice for how to break into data science and grow your career. In this episode, we discuss many topics but one of which is “Data Science Design Thinking.” John has borrowed this concept from the design world and extended it to the data science world. It is a process or framework that will help people without a solid research background learn to think like a scientist. John thinks that many scientists accidentally learn to think this way and that we can train others to apply the techniques to strengthen the science in data science. Enjoy the show!


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