Updated: October 2019
Note: Python online learning recommendations need updating. The Python books are still highly recommended.

Below are data science resources to point you in the right direction for learning more about data analytics, data science, and programming. I’ll update the list periodically as I learn of new resources and tools. R, Python, and SQL are programming languages used for data collection, data manipulation, data analytics, statistical analysis, web scraping, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. You will likely use one or all of these throughut your data science career. If you suggestions or questions, please contact me via email or LinkedIn, thank you!

Online Educational Resources

Outside of the classroom, podcasts help me stay current with data science news and local events. If you have any podcast suggestions that touch on analytics careers, data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, I’d love to hear from you!


R: The Basics

alt text

Python: The Basics
Many online Python trainings were made when Python 2.x was standard. Python 3.x is the future of the language, so don’t bother installing or learning Python 2.x.

SQL: The Basics

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