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The ‘torch for R’ ecosystem is a collection of extensions for torch, an R framework for machine learning and artificial intelligence based on PyTorch.

Javier Orraca (Scatter Podcast)

Torch for R… wow! 🔥🔥🔥 I was recently having a discussion with a coworker about the benefits of Torch, especially the power of training one global model capable of hierarchical projections (awesome for time series) and predicting multiple group-specific regressions. I went down a Googling rabbit hole last weekend and came across some amazing articles by Sigrid Keydana (see links below) introducing torch to the R community and also recently releasing luz, a high-level R interface to Torch (“luz is to torch what Keras is to TensorFlow”).

RStudio’s MLVerse team is doing really exciting things for the R machine learning and AI community. With torch, I no longer need to launch a conda environment for complex NNs (although having Python on your system is always handy 😅). And even better, “torch for R is built directly on top of libtorch, a C++ library that provides the tensor-computation and automatic-differentiation capabilities essential to building neural networks.” If you’re looking for fast NNs and deep learning solutions within the #rstats framework, give these packages a try. Happy Friday and happy learning! 🤓📚



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