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Finally getting around to trying out dplyr 1.0.0… Love it!

Javier Orraca (Scatter Podcast)

I had read about the new across() function hype and now I get it… No more mutate_at() or summarise_at() with the cryptic list-lambdas. As the dplyr documentation states, “across() supersedes the family of”scoped variants" like summarise_at(), summarise_if(), and summarise_all()."

Below is an example highlighting the new across() syntax meant to be used within a mutate() function. I tried this on a few columns of the mtcars data set with dplyr’s case_when() a la SQL CASE_WHEN (as opposed to nesting multiple if_else() statements to the point of confusion!). The dplyr changes are subtle but will definitely streamline my data wrangling.

dplyr 1.0.0’s new across() function

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