Shiny Developer Expert Course

Shiny R

Matt Dancho and Business Science introduce a new R Shiny Expert Developer course.

Javier Orraca (Scatter Podcast)

I am super excited about the new R Shiny Developer course that Matt Dancho launched, especially since he is the next guest on Scatter Podcast.

He’s one of the best data science educators that I’ve learned from and the deeper that I dive into my data science career, the more and more value I find from his Business Science courses, Learning Labs, his online tutorials (on the tidyverse, predictive analytics, data science best practices), his R packages… The guy is a beast!

If you are familiar with Shiny but want to gain some expert level Shiny skills, this class is for you. Great job with everything that you’re doing Matt and I’m excited to release your episode in a few days!



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