Design Thinking

Design thinking is being talked about a lot more these days. It is an iterative, problem-solving approach that helps new solutions come to light that aren’t always apparent at first glance. Design thinking is not a new concept, designers have used it for years, and it can be used in all aspects of business to conceptualize alternative strategies or to justify your original solution.

Most recently, design thinking has been championed by leading data scientists (and non-technical professionals) given the benefits of applying a scientific method to solving business problems. My most recent Scatter Podcast guest, John Peach (Sr. Data Scientist at Amazon), and my next guest, Ben Denzinger (Sr. Product Designer at MaCher), will walk us through design thinking in data science and how it can be applied to solve or re-frame problems in product, analytics, and business. Check out John’s episode (link below) and stay tuned for Ben’s episode in two weeks!


Scatter Podcast Design Thinking Preview

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