Time Series Analysis with R

I just got Hands-On Time Series Analysis with R, by Rami Krispin, and can’t wait to crack it open! I have a knack for time-series analyses given most of the financial data and modeling I previously worked with was time-series based. Had I known the full potential of advanced time-series forecasting techniques, I would have implemented some of these techniques yesterday! But as the saying goes, and it’s so cliche, but true, “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Amazon has gotten crazy with their shipping… under no circumstances did I need this hard copy delivered in less than 24 hours, but glad to have it nonetheless! Congrats on your book, Rami! Excited to give your packages and methods a try.

Amazon link: Hands-On Time Series Analysis with R, published by Packt
Rami Krispin’s GitHub

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