Version Control w/ Git & GitHub

Git, GitHub, and distributed version control can make your statistical and data science workflows so much cleaner, more organized, and perfect for collaborative projects. This is a topic that I’m just now researching and can’t believe that I waited this long to do.

In finance, I was accustomed to saving numerous files per day (adding the date and version to the end of the model filename). Git and GitHub have a learning curve and require effort - I’m learning this now and can attest to you needing patience - But, the beauty of this data management process is that instead of saving one file only, you “commit” or save a multi-file snapshot of your entire project to the cloud!

Git and GitHub are not unique to the R programming language, but for R users, Jenny Bryan and Jim Hester of RStudio, Inc. published an excellent guide on how to get started. It’s such a great write-up, thank you!

Happy Git and GitHub for the useR

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