Boost PC Performance with ThrottleStop

For Windows Users Wanting More Speed & Performance I’ve been puzzled as to why I felt a significant lag on my top-of-the-line laptop (especially prevalent with MS Excel - if you’re a power user, you’d have noticed immediately). Turns out, it’s “standard” for my system to throttle the CPU at 1.9 GHz. Using ThrottleStop (free), I removed CPU throttling for speed gains and undervolted the CPU/cache/GPU for temperature control. I’m running stable at ~3.9 GHz and the improvement is night and day! R, Python, and Tableau now run much faster.

TWEAK AT YOUR OWN RISK! For hardware longevity, this advice is not the most wise, but for performance, you’ll thank me! Research the settings that would be most optimal for your system and processor.

ThrottleStop Quick Setup Guide via Imgur
Create Windows task for starting ThrottleStop at boot

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