Analytics Presentations at UC Irvine

For my University of California, Irvine, MSBA classmates… I’ve been blown away by the presentations you’ve given the last few days and humbled by your aptitude for data analytics! Just one more week (of finals! 😅)… we got this!

My team used Python to web-scrape Marvel Cinematic Universe movie rating and financial data since the release of Iron Man (2008). The goal was to predict the US Box Office revenues for Avengers: End Game given ratings, budget, and revenue patterns of all the recent Marvel movies. Given the success of these films and increasing domestic and global box office revenues, it’s no surprise we keep seeing Marvel film releases.

I’ve been paired with my core UCI team since the MSBA program started in July 2018. This third quarter was the last one that we’ll be working together as a team and I’ll certainly miss working together. I’m super proud of our accomplishments and I’d like to shine a spotlight on all of you … Thank you for your determination, focus, and hard work!

A-Team Spotlight *
Ahnni Wang]( *
Daria Bedareva]( *
Joel Dayrit]( *
Xiaoting Sun](

Avengers: End Game Predictive Analytics Report](

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