Jupyter Notebook via Google Colab

I only started learning Python in January but regularly use Jupyter Notebooks for all of my R-based projects. Last week, I discovered Google Colab… After spending 24-32 hours on it, I might be in love!

Colab is free, Google cloud-based Jupyter notebook environment for team collaboration. No installs required. Just send your teammates a URL and you’re set! Give it a shot with uploading your own Jupyter ipynb files (or see link below). I’m REALLY hoping an R-kernel is eventually released for Colab, but this is great. Oh, and you get free access to Google’s GPU and TPU accelerators (awesome!). I recently did a school project in Colab, mainly to test some descriptive stats, visualizations, and k-means clustering via Python (matplotlib / seaborn / scikit-learn).

Javier Orraca’s Google Colab example notebook

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