About Me

Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico - The second happiest place on Earth, after Disneyland

My name is Javier Orraca and I’m a data scientist. I enjoy building predictive models, developing web applications, cooking, reading, and playing board games. For a living, I get to solve puzzles with data - Life is good.


My career includes over 15 years of data science, financial strategy, and business analytics for EY, PG&E, KPMG, and Health Net (a Centene Corporation company). As a Data Scientist at Health Net, I work for a Strategic Insights team supporting our Product Performance organization. I help our business develop predictive algorithms and deploy web apps for our internal leaders and Sales teams. I also get to have some extra fun at work by co-hosting a monthly Centene R User Group for our company’s analysts and data scientists.

Scatter Podcast

I launched Scatter Podcast to share career tips and insights from data science leaders that I interview from time to time. In 2020, I teamed up with a friend, Joel Dayrit, to further explore data analytics, insights, and data science in business. We hope to be more productive with the podcast in 2021.

Programming & Analytics Skills

Media Appearances

Full Stack Web Development

While not my primary professional focus, I am a proficient full stack web developer leveraging the R programming language and RStudio ecosystem. I develop and deploy client and server software including websites, APIs, and interactive web applications. For interactive, enterprise-grade web apps, R Shiny is my framework of choice.

Shiny allows me to build apps with clean UIs, advanced modules, and I can easily inject HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end customization. Recently, I’ve been learning the Julia programming language and Genie web framework to augment my data science and app development workflows.

This website was built with Distill, an R web publishing framework that feels intuitive and easy to use if you’re already familiar with R Markdown and blogdown. I host this site for free on GitHub, deploy using Netlify, and I pay $15/year for the domain name. Open-source tools are fast, flexible, fun, and the future of data science.

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